Books published:

Hear America Sing: The 300 Greatest Folk Songs of the American People. Coop. L’Aquilone, Naples, 1988, pp. 950. Sold out.

Oltre Stelle e Strisce. in Italian, self-published. 3000 copies sold. Copies available.

The Urge. poetry booklet co-authored with Tony Harris and Simon Tanner, 1990. Sold out.

First three chapters from the novel Heal Thyself in North Atlantic Review.

Chapter three from Heal Thyself in Todd Point Review.
 "All You Have To Do Is Dream (Bob Dylan)", in American Athenaeum, Colossus. (excerpt from chapter 34 of the novel The Basement Tapes)

Novels finished, in search of a publisher:

Avv. Ottavio Faranda di Rocca Ginepro. in Italian.

Heal Thyself.

The Basement Tapes.


Novels currently in the works:

Sunset Intersection.

The 100-year-old Señora.

Solvitur Ambulando.


Non-fiction book proposals:


You Tell ‘Em, Jack.

Mark Twain’s Golden Arm.

Batter Up!: Baseball in American Literature.