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Failed Haiku

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Electric Pamphlet

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Scarlet Leaf Review

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Beechwood Review (Aug. 2017)

Poetry Super Highway (July 24-30, poet of the week)

Door is a Jar Magazine (July 2017)

Uut Poetry (July 2017)

Down in the Dirt Magazine (June 2017/Aug. 2017)

Zombie Logic Review (June 2017)

Former People (June 2017)

Everest Magazine (May 2017)

Dash (May 2017)

Chrysanthemum (Apr. 2017)

First Literary Review - East (Mar. 2017)

Cacti Fur (Feb. 2017)

Alexandria Quarterly (Feb. 2017)

Ink in Thirds (Feb. 2017)

Botticelli Magazine (Jan. 2017)

Sonic Boom Journal (Dec. 2016)

Under the Basho (Nov. 2016)

Hedgerow (Nov. 2016)

Failed Haiku (Nov. 2016)

Muddy River Review (Oct. 2016)

Starving Artist (July 2016)

Scarlet Leaf Magazine (July 2016)

Lyrical Passion E-zine (April 2016)

Literary Yard

Pilcrow & Dagger (Jan. 2016/Feb. 2016)

Verse-Virtual (Nov. 2015/Feb. 2016/Mar. 2016/Dec. 2016/Apr. 2017)

Botticelli Magazine

Ink, Sweat & Tears

First Literary Review East


Cattails (Editor's Choice Award, 2014)


Taj Mahal Review

Valley Micropress Poetry Journal

The Rotary Dial

Strong Verse

Paper Wasp

Bear Creek Haiku

Lyrical Passion  (Best of the Best Haiku Poetry Award, 2012)

Bay Area Poets Talk

The Urge