Short stories published:

"Nixon's Barber" Hinchas de Poesia

"Collecting for the Tribune" CURA Magazine

"You Bug Me" Trop Magazine

"Cartoon Graveyard" in Vanilla Sex Magazine.

"What's Going On in the Parsonage Basement?" in Grey Sparrow Journal.

 "All You Have To Do Is Dream (Bob Dylan)", in American Athenaeum, Colossus. (excerpt from novel The Basement Tapes)

"I Was A Nasty Bitch", in Life As An [insert label here].

"Temblor", in Free Flash Fiction.

"A Comic Love Story", in Literary Orphans: Eleanor.

"Asian Woman Drowns in Desert", in Bareback Magazine, January issue.

First three chapters from the novel Heal Thyself in North Atlantic Review.

Chapter three from Heal Thyself in Todd Point Review.