Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pilcrow and Dagger

That should be Pilcrow with the backwards stylised P-ish thing that means paragraph division. In sum, the thing I write on my students' essays to mean split this 500-word rant into paragraphs grouped by content and form. Here, here and here.
Together with the Dagger, an instrument I've never wanted to use on students, though colleagues are a different matter, it is also the name of an excellent young literary journal. The editors, LeeAnn Rhoden and A. Marie Silver, are enthusiastic writers and lovers of literature who make their contributors feel special. For me it's not just a publication credit, but a fun experience all the way around. And my picture's in it.
See the January issue: Exploring Fantastic Tales: the Sci-Fi issue on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. My poem "Orange Lifesavers" is on page 27. I don't know, you might even like it.

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