Friday, August 7, 2020

Belladonna, a drop-dead beautiful woman

I'm thrilled to have 3 poems in the inaugural issue of Belladonna Literary Arts Magazine (page 15). "If I Only Knew Now What I Knew Then," "If We're Lucky," and "Leaving the Church," are the titles. They are all poems, in some way, about getting older, not wiser. You also get a free mugshot of me and some biographical mumbo jumbo. The magazine layout is a lot of fun, very colorful and snappy. I like it all. You will too. I read it all. You will too.

My thanks to the boss, Brandy Kellams, for her generosity and kindness. An impressive beginning, under difficult circumstances. Congratulations.

By the way, that's a drawing of Irene Adler, the woman.

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