Friday, April 9, 2021

Casting a Net in a Brief Wilderness

This spectacular photo accompanies my poem, "Casting a Net, Catching Dismay," in the web journal, Brief Wilderness. I left San Francisco 42 years ago at age 24 and never went back, so this poem tries to define that here-and-there lifestyle. Sorta. You figure it out. And give all of Brief Wilderness a read.

It's a longer poem than most. I'm really pleased that poetry editor, Leanne Hoppe and general editor, Gordon Purkis, took a chance on this piece and published it in their no-frills journal that explores the "(seemingly empty) space between ourselves and the other, whether it be another person, the natural world or maybe even another plane of existence." Yes!

They've asked me to record a version for a podcast they're starting. I will and will let you know when that comes out. It should be exciting.

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