Saturday, May 3, 2014

High FRiGGin’ Five !!!!!

A high-five to myself, that is. And a thank you to FRiGG magazine for printing five of my poems in their latest issue. Thanks to Ellen Parker and Dennis Mahagin for seeing something in my work that merited inclusion in their excellent, well-respected journal. I was extra flattered that they liked and published the whole set I sent. Guess I won’t give up on poetry after all.

The five poems also include my comments, so I won’t add anything except to say that I was pleased that the varied set taken together gives an idea of what I’m doing. I’d be happy to hear what you think too. So in my usual “grumpy” fashion, with my game-face on, I go into my study, close the door behind me, raise my fists, yell ‘yes, yes, yes’ silently and do a little Snoopy dance. Then it's back to the salt mines.

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