Thursday, December 10, 2020

An Absurd Gift

An absurd gift for absurd times. Instead of a practical gift like scissors or a chainsaw or a feelings-based stocking stuffer like heart-shaped post-its or a flashing I Love You pen rolled up in unsigned divorce papers, you could go completely crazy and get a copy of my book (or ten). Bitter Pills are only bitter enough to be good medicine. It's a tiny book of tiny poems, in other words, an absurd waste of money. Go for the big bomb books to get your money's worth: Clarissa by Sam Richardson (almost 1,000,000 words) or Miss MacIntosh by Marg Young (750,000 wds). You can use these and others as counter-weights or deadly weapons. Bitter Pills will blow away in a strong wind.

If you do want to waste some money on an absurd gift for your best friend, worst enemy or your-own-self, Bitter Pills is what you need. Send me your address, put $15 or 13€ in my PayPal account: I'll get the books to you as fast as the Sicilian postal system can travel (they still use delivery donkeys here). Should be in time for Christmas or some other equally bittersweet annual holiday. Contact me for other arrangements, discounts for bulk orders. Be happy to autograph. You can get it from Amazon too, but that's no fun.


Can you imagine your love or kids or parents opening this present: "What The Hell kind of present is this!? I wanted more socks! But then on second thought, hmm, these are not bad. And you really know the guy who wrote these? Poems in a pandemic. Whatever. Now I can't wait for his next book to come out." That could happen.


Happy Holidays,

Stay strong, stay healthy, and please stay home,






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