Sunday, January 24, 2021

Blacktop Passages -- poetry on the road

I'm thrilled to have a poem featured in Blacktop Passages, a journal of poems about traveling, mainly by car. The poem (The sea storm comes ashore) is unusual for me as it is based on an actual occurrence. I did drive to the ocean during a storm and a wave did crash right over my car. It did scare the bejeezus out of me.

I'm in lockdown now in Sicily. We can only go out for necessities or exercise close to home. Fortunately, the beach is 50 meters away. I can stare into the calm waters flapping onto the sand. But after my experience in Point Reyes many years ago, I know that the sleeping tiger can still strike; the sea can rise up and swallow you whole whenever it wants.

Thanks to editor, Thomas John Nudi, and in particular to Claire Nelson for help with edits that took out some clutter. And to William J. Stribling for the photo.

First we need to crush the virus, then we can get back on our favorite road, in my case the freeway between SFO and my home in northern California. Stay strong, stay safe.

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